Art awakens emotions and enriches life

For me is the attraction to draw and paint in the spontaneity, fast and individual detection of a movement, a moment, a form and in its implementation. Detecting and reacting depends on my particular constitution. This is difficult to control in general. Nude drawings and -paintings, always takes place with a model. While my expressive paintings of portraits takes place in the studio, the architecture watercolor paintings are always painted outdoors and all paintings are plein air.

I decide on a format and try for me to put distinctive details into the center and to filter out Important and unimportant details . To indicate a movement or shape, playing with color and contrast, line and surface, hatching, light and shadow, hinting and leave off, which is the exploration of the motive.

The feeling, intuition free rein, letting go. Engage, to try, dare to do something, do not think about the final painting. Can endure even the failure, the spectators, the comments while painting, Moving to biting through, stay tuned, even if things are not going so well.

Then also enjoy. The moment, moments of happiness while painting when the line is perfect, the colors shine, coincidence and skill develop into incredibly beautiful details and a successful picture is created, makes you happy. A painted picture is always associated with many perceived memories, all the feelings and all the things perceived by the artist while painting, is in the painted image and remains in permanent memory.

Material and colors

My passion is nude painting with acrylic, mixed media and watercolors.
Architecture paintings are in watercolor and always on site.
Large-scale, expressive portraits in acrylic on canvas are painted in the style of spontanious realism.
Graphite and felt pen are always in my pocket for quick sketches.